The Setup

Pelor, the God of the sun, summer, and the keeper of time, has fallen silent. His clerics have not heard his words for hundreds of years and as such, his influence on the mortal realm fades. In response, many worshippers adhere to a vow of silence, so that they may hear even the slightest whisper of their lord’s re-emergence. The monks of the Sun Disc have willingly removed themselves from society, stooped in prayer in their cloisters. The sun barely rises above the horizon, half-obscured by a mysterious, dark, celestial object. The world is bathed in perpetual dusk. There is a cult that worships the dark object, offering prayers and sacrifices to stay its hand. The Dawncriers, led by gnome mystics, are a major player in both religion and politics.

The dark world is a cold, forbidding place, and all reptilian creatures retreat to warmer climates. Dragons and dragonkin fall unwillingly into hibernation or huddle away in safety in far away lands. Bahamut and Tiamat slumber with their people.

In eternal autumn, Sehanine’s church is increasingly relevant and powerful. Her followers, known as the Sanguine Moon, pray for her vigilance, for they fear that a winter would be the end of all things. In fact, the Acolytes claim they have chained her influence to the world, and that is why the season never changes.

The beauty of nature lost, the Eladrin and other elf-kind have long since fled from the world to fade into legend with their god, Corellon. The world is a harsh, barren land where the weave of magic is thin and fragile. The evil things of the world crawl from the dark chasms of the earth to inflict their madness on the surface dwellers. The Shadowfell has opened up in a welcoming embrace.

Welcome to Duskmere, traveller. Steel yourself, for only the thick-skinned survive.

The Setup

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