The Places


Delver’s Dale
Politics: Myrrel Grimveld (Warden)
Population: 900+ miners, 200 guards
What was once a concentration camp for prisoners of war, Delver’s Dale has been changed into a mining town. Many of its inhabitants are still considered to be indentured. The tiefling warden, Myrrel Grimveld, answers directly to Guard Captain Markelhay in Fallcrest.

Politics: Lorilla Dawncrier (Mayor), Faren Markelhay (Guard Captain)
Population: 12,250 (another 5,000 refugees live within and around the outer gates)
A relatively large city where commerce is king. It lies at the hub of trade routes that run all across the mainland of Duskmere. It is also home to refugees from far and wide, who are fleeing threats to their homes and livelihoods.

Politics: Thangard Goldminer (Lord Warden)
Population: 50,000 (another 2,000 ghosts and spirits are residents here)
What was once a vast cemetery, home to the thousands of victims of the orc war hundreds of years ago, it was eventually settled by a clan of dwarves out of the south, who were pushed out by the expanding Murkwall. It has since grown exponentially, and its beauty is beginning to rival that of the majestic skyscrapers of Sharn.


There are places in Duskmere that are called “mirror worlds”, those that mimic the trappings of the real world, but with distinct and powerful characteristics.

Shadowfell Covering large portions of the mountainous terrain south of Fallcrest, the Shadowfell is steeped in darkness and, invariably, evil. Creatures roam the lands that are not native to the world, and are considered by many to be aberrant in nature. Others, like the shadar-kai and drow, call this land home. Surveyors out of Winterhaven believe that its boundaries are ever expanding, and fear that the Murkwall (the boundary of the Shadowfell) will engulf their homes in shadow.

Feywild Rumoured to be a mirror world teeming with life, it is said that the thick forest canopies hide the actions of mortals from the eyes of the Gods. No person alive has ever seen this plane, but old texts theorise that it is here that the elfkind fled too during the time of sunfall.

The Places

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