The People

Dragonborn – Said to be a race of humanoid draconic people. They were once a thriving empire before the events that changed the landscape of the world. When sunfall came, they vanished and have not been seen or heard of since.

Drow – Since sunfall, many noble Houses of drow have opened up operation on the surface world. They are now fully integrated into society, playing a major part in trade, politics, even war.

Dwarves – A very ancient race of stout warriors and crafters. They follow Moradin’s teachings to the letter.

Eladrin and Elves – A once beautiful race of wise and powerful fey. When Pelor’s voice was lost, they feared the Ragnarok, and fled into four winds. Even the oldest of citizens do not know where they went.

Gnomes – In the power vacuum after the exodus of the elves and eladrin, the feyborn gnomes rose to govern the people of Duskmere. Initially, it was spurned by optimism. They hoped that the people would continue to thrive. As times grew harder, so did the gnomes. Now, many are old and embittered, every bit as downtrodden as everyone else.

Goliaths – A tribal race of giants, they gain their strength and wisdom from the land around them. Most tribes are very close-knit and secretive, but some possess a powerful wanderlust, and venture down the mountains to experience the greater world.

Halflings – A purely urban people, they are almost exclusively found in large metropolises like Fallcrest. The consensus is that they cannot be trusted with their pocketbooks, let alone someone’s life.

Half-Elves – When the fey people fled, the few remaining half-elves grew old, and eventually were lost to time.

Half-Orcs – With the drow came the orcs. Unlike the drow, however, the orcs were too outwardly hostile and therefore could not properly integrate themselves. Out of the resulting land wars came the half-orcs, who now seek only to escape their ancestry and find a place of acceptance among the other races.

Humans – Arguably the most resourceful and adaptable of all the races, humans can be found in all walks of life.

Revenants – A popular tale amongst pub-goers is that of the revenants. They are rumoured to be agents of the Raven Queen returned to the world for a higher purpose.

Shadar-kai – With sunfall came a massive shift in the balance between mirror worlds. The Shadowfell, a bleak mimic of Duskmere, threw open it’s gates, and from them came the shadar-kai. A sometimes sadistic race, they adorn their bodies with brands and piercings, reminders that death waits for each of us. They are strong adherents to the church of the Raven Queen.

Tieflings – In the time before time, they were human. Then they were twisted by dealings with demonic forces. Now, they are a strong military and political force in Duskmere. They are known for placing the rights of the many over those of the few.

Warforged – Built and commanded by the Gnome lords after sunfall, they were used to drive back the forces of the Orc empire. After long years of brutal war, peace was attained, and the warforged were decommissioned. Their initial purpose lost, those who were not destroyed migrated south to unknown lands in search of another. Hundreds of years later, the only cultural impact that remains of them is a peculiar fashion trend among the wealthy: The wearing of war-era warforged masks to dinner parties.

The People

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