Groups and Organisations

Blacklung Society
Leader: Thorfin Ambershard
Banner: A cut ruby superimposed over a great anvil
An alliance of miners, smithies, and hard-working blokes who seek to enter Delver’s Dale, and give the workers there the protection that they deserve. They believe that hard workers are rewarded handsomely with health and long-life, and they are strong worshippers of Moradin, the Dwarven god of the Forge.

Leader: Juresh Dawncrier
Banner: White crescent and eight-point star on light blue
When Pelor’s silence swept the temples of the land hundreds of years ago, the faith of his followers became tenuous at best. When physical signs of his weakness began to show (the dropping of the sun, the unprecedented arrival of the dark celestial object that caused a permanent, partial-solar eclipse), many followers turned to other deities to answer their prayers.

Those who didn’t turn away from the Sun Disc responded to the horror in two major ways. Many clerics took a vow if silence, opting instead for a lifetime of silent prayer so that they may one day hear the faintest of whispers from their patron. The populace began referring to these monks as whisps. The others, in their desperation, turned to the sky and began pleading loudly in prayer for the darkness to stay its hand. They offered it sacrifices (some awful and barbaric) in the hopes that its hunger would be sated. These people became the Dawncriers.

Because of the extremely vocal nature of their sect, the Dawncriers quickly got the attention of the people. The street criers rallied the people, and the wealthy templemasters got the attention of nobles in high places. Over time, the Dawncriers rose to incredible power, and the benevolent monks were forgotten in their mountaintop cloisters.

Intrepid Hall
Leader: Lom Firemane
Banner: Black shield crossed with hammer and sword, on green
Heroes are nothing new in the harsh landscape of Duskmere. Sturdy folk from all walks have been taking the law into their own hands since sunfall. Over many generations, they have been able to organize. They call their esteemed collective of talented heroes the Intrepids, and the riches they’ve earned have allowed them to establish the lavish and highly functional Intrepid Hall. Or at least, that’s what the story on the collectable Lom Firemane hero card says…

MAGSA (Ministry of Adepts, Gallants, Scribes, and Artificers)
Leader: The Grumandir Synod
Banner: A yellow hand clutching a cog, on purple
An organization that presses the importance of intelligence and scientific advancement, their vast libraries are unmatched in all of Duskmere. Their main goals are to catalogue world knowledge, history, and invention. Adhering strongly to the tenets of their god, Erathis, they seek to discover and preserve that knowledge for all generations. They also claim to have literature that dates back to before sunfall.

Sanguine Moon
Leader: Iliena Goldenwine
Banner: A red circle on black over a white horizon
The acolytes of the Sanguine Moon sect claim that they are responsible for the unchanging weather. The world has been cast in a constant state of autumn for hundreds of years. Acolyte Prime of the Sanguine Moon, the beautiful and ageless gnome, Iliena Goldenwine, takes great personal pride in her brilliance at the imprisonment of beautiful Goddess of autumn, Sehanine.

Followers of the Sanguine Moon adhere to the primal power source. They are strongly tuned to nature, while seeking to control it. Because of this, their shamans and seekers are reviled by other shamans and wardens. They claim the Moonies (a derogatory term) are twisted, self-deluded, or just plain ignorant.

The Shadewrought
Leader: Unknown
Banner: Silver winged foot on black
Terror has spread far and wide since whispers started about people who skulk in the shadows. To many, they sound like tall tales used to scare children. “Where they creep in the shadows, people die,” so the stories say…

Groups and Organisations

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