Character Creation Guidelines

This section lays out the rough guidelines for character creation in the world of Duskmere. This will very likely be subject to change as the campaign goes on, the details of which will become apparent once certain prerequisites are met (in other words, once the game progresses and you need to, say… create a player that is… alive… check back here for any additions).

Available Races

  • Drow
  • Dwarf
  • Gnome
  • Goliath
  • Halfling
  • Half-Orc
  • Human
  • Shadar-kai
  • Tiefling

All characters start at level 1. Also, all playable classes are available, with extremely few, tiny exceptions with regards to abilities. In all likelihood, you won’t encounter any. In the rare event that you do… I don’t know, we’ll work something out. Remember that elves aren’t around anymore, so there probably aren’t going to be many people speaking elven. Same with draconic.

Character Creation Guidelines

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